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I'm a digital marketing Jack-of-all-trades, who takes care of your website, content, creative stuff and CONVERSION.

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Digital Marketing

I make people really want to buy your product/project/service by raising the three pillars of efficient modern marketing for your business – SEO, PPC, and Copywriting.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the next generation of positioning that allows you to increase both website’s traffic and conversion. Thanks to the combination of the most effective SEO techniques and modern marketing tools, I guarantee higher search engine positions and noticeable business benefits for my clients.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

If you have recently started a website or blog, then chances to gain some leads would be low for a few months. Of course, It is so, if you’re doing SEO instead of paying for leads.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is a perfect tool for establishing direct contact with the customer. It offers you an opportunity to conduct a dialogue with people, get them interested , make them aware, provide information and motivate people to buy.

Fresh yet experienced & expert approach to copy

Creative Copywriting

Writing content fillers for websites/landings/themed projects, common topic articles for blogs, promotional and other purposes, as well as complex, in-depth technical features in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Three pillars of copywriting services provided:


A truly engaging piece of copy is always a creative one. I can help you impress and enliven popular themed blogs, boosting your content marketing efforts dramatically with interesting, unique, and useful material.


Digital commerce and retail are all the rage right now. If you have a commercial concept and need to fill your product landing, promotional blog, product cards - anything that needs text - with eye-catching yet relevant info, I’m at your service.

Technical expertise

Relevant content means proper, expertise-backed information that directs interested readers in the time of need to figure out particular technical aspects. I consider it a strict must to guarantee the correctness and authenticity of all the technical info I provide.

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Whether It’s about writing strategy or simply defining current business-tasks, without a high quality analytics, each step would be as blind.

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Competitors analysis

Without understanding how to be no worse than competitors, It can be difficult to become better.

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UI/UX & Usability analysis

Get care about customer convenience is only the first step towards increasing loyalty. Balancing between high conversion rate and user convenience is already sounds like science.

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If you are ready for real work, testing and finding the most profitable solutions, then I know what to do!

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Every task outflows a lot. To get understanding of current project situation often requires not only a small one-sided analysis. When you get technical article you have to think about crossposting. I know clients’ pain better than anyone, so prepared several popular sets and delicious prices.

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