Highest Paying Affiliate Programs in 2018

17 Feb, 2017


Earning your check in 2018 is getting easier with the affiliate marketing. It can be a 9 to 5 job or something you can do for a couple hours a week. One platform can bring you stable income 24/7 where the other one can bring none. So everyone should be patient either you’re a newbie or a pro. 


More commissions – more risk?

You receive the commission only when sales are made and confirmed. This is the revenue sharing. When you are choosing the highest paying affiliate programs in 2018, don’t be afraid to look at different platforms. Later just notice who brings you most commision. Focus on those. Be persistent and constant with your work and it will bring the desired income. 

Top 10 highest paying affiliate programs of 2018

U.S. affiliate marketing spends up to $5 billion per year. So there is a lot of things to do for everyone. This is a great and stable income if you do everything right. After you prepared your webpage, you can check the top paying affiliate programs of 2018. To name only ten of them wasn’t simple, but we got the most fruitful with some further information. 

High paying affiliate programs of 2018:

On the Clickbank marketplace, you can get the access to all of the Clickbank offers. There are different kinds of goods which can suit your niche. You can get more specific with the search bar. 

ShareASale has more physical products than Clickbank. They have the categories list. You also can search with your niche keyword and run through the products. Pick some you’re interested in. ShareASale’s managers check your website before they let you promote their goods. Make sure that your site looks nice and clean before reaching out to them. 

It’s not that easy to get to the Avantlink affiliate program since they accept only about 20% of the requests. This is made to make the affiliate manager job better and profitable. Avantlink is the best if you want to promote sports, hiking or outdoors goods. To get there, you have to be sure that your website is very active and has lots of sport-related posts and references. They set the bar very high but it’s worth that.

5 most popular sports in the U.S.A and world

SportFansRegional popularity
Soccer3.5 billionAmerica, Europe, Asia, Africa
Tennis1 billionAmerica, Europe, Asia
Volleyball900 millionAmerica, Europe, Australia, Asia
Table tennis850 millionAmerica, Europe, Asia, Africa
Baseball500 millionAmerica, Japan


They also have the search and the categories where you can pick the theme that you’re running your website with. They’ve been on the market for a long time and they are one of the best these days. You need to apply to them to get all the affiliate program information. As in the previous one you should have a website to show.

  • CJ (Commision Junction)

They are the strictest of them all. Be sure to send them the traffic statistics within 30 days. Otherwise, they will suspend you and won’t work with you. They look at the applicant’s website very close. They will check if the content is real. They are really specific and picky who they let in. 

This platform specializes in precious metals and might be the highest paying affiliate program ever. Regal Assets rated as A+ on the Better Business Bureau. Many people invest in metals which leads to big prices with great commissions.

You have to email the affiliates at net-a-porter. They have the 6% commission, which is not bad considering the average price of the goods there. 

You can make up to 10% there. You can promote very niche things for building houses or exclusive watches. This will assure high commission. Amazon Affiliate is one of the most popular affiliate programs out there. Lots of people go through Amazon every day and you just have to remind them what they wanted through your website.

This platform is dedicated to the Carribean and beach vacations. They have lots of packages and things to go with weddings and honeymoons. Sandals pay 4% commissions and have affiliate managers to help you out with any questions.

You can easily find partners or products to work with and see what commission they are offering. You can pick the category with the filter and see what suits your website.

How much you can earn?

Your income depends on you only. Pick the goods that suit your niche and your style. Don’t forget that a lower commission percentage is not always bad since the prices can be high. Here is the survey signed by affiliate program workers.


Also, consider the most popular items on the internet. This is the product categories statistics purchased at Amazon.


Which affiliate you should choose?

The best places to start are Clickbank and Shareasale. When you are sure that your affiliate programs go well, go try Avantlink or CJ. If you are very specific with the goods you promote, you should try niche programs like Net-a-porter or Regal Assets. Consider your target audition and your current traffic. Ask yourself how much time can you spend on affiliate programs highest paying of 2018. Don’t start with too many. Your growth should be slow but stable. Just be honest with yourself and know your exact place on this path. 


The goal of the affiliate marketing is to help your audience obtain the things they want that are gonna help them achieve their goals and solve their problems. The goal is not to bombard them with offers but to align them with things they already want to purchase. So be clear and honest with them. Treat your audience like your friends and be honest with them. 

We hope that the information about 10 best paying affiliate programs in 2018 is useful. There are a lot of useful affiliate programs. For a further reading, look at this post on 25 best affiliates. Don’t afraid to try new ones or ask companies if they are looking for affiliates. 

Description:We hand-picked best paying affiliate programs of 2018. This list includes the affiliate programs for every niche. They pay different commissions and have different prices on goods. Here you can choose from platforms that have goods in every possible category and platforms just for one luxe category. These platforms are great for both newbies and pros.